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AA OSMAAssociate Administrator, Office of Safety and Mission Assurance
ACAlternating Current
ACSAttitude Control System
ADCAnalog to Digital Converter
ADPAxial Double Probe
AEBActel Electronics Box
APMCAgency Program Management Council
AETDApplied Engineering & Technology Directorate
AFGAnalog Fluxgate
AFOSHSTDAir Force Occupational Safety and Health Standard
AFSPCMANAir Force Space Command Manual
AGSAttitude Ground System
AHAmp Hour
AMSAcceleration Measurement System
AnIEAnalog Interface Electronics
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
AOAnnouncement of Opportunity
AOSAcquisition of Signal
APIApplication Programmer Interface
APIDApplication Identifier (CCSDS)
APLApplied Physics Laboratory
ARRAssembly Readiness Review
ASAAustrian Space Agency
ASICApplication-Specific Integrated Circuit
ASISTAdvanced Spacecraft Integration and System Test
ASLAmerican Sign Language
ASMEAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASPOCActive Spacecraft Potential Control
ASTMAutomatic Safe to Mate
ATAliveness Test
ATPAcceptance Test Plan
ATPAuthorization to Proceed
ATRAcceptance Test Review
ATSAbsolute Time SequencesTop
BAADBurst Algorithm Description Document
BADCOBurst Algorithm Definition and Concept of Operations
BDQBurst Data Quality
BEBBoom Electronics Box
BECOBooster Engine Cutoff
BFMBus Functional Model
BOBBreak-Out Box
BOLBeginning of Life
BPSKBinary Phase Shift KeyingTop
C&DH, C/DHCommand & Data Handling
CBECurrent Best Estimates
CBODClamp Band Opening Device
CCAMCollision and Contamination Avoidance Maneuver
CCBConfiguration Control Board
CCSDSConsultative Committee for Space Data Systems
CDHSCommand & Data Handling Subsystem
CDIPCentral Data Interface Processor
CDQCycle Data Quality
CDRCritical Design Review
CDRLContract Data Requirements List
CEConductive Emissions
CEComplex Electronics
CEBCentral Electronics Box
CETPCentre d’étude des Environnements Terrestre et Planétaires
CFCFDP File Transfer
CFECore Flight Executive
CFDConstant Fraction Discriminator
CFDPCCSDS File Delivery Protocol
CFECore Flight Software Executive
CFSCore Flight Services
CFSCore Flight Software System
CGCenter of Gravity
CGAColumn Grid Array
CGSEC&DH Ground Support Equipment
CICommand Ingest
CHiFiConstellation HiFi simulation
CIDCurrent Interrupt Device
CIDPCentral Instrument Data Processor
CILCritical Item List
CIRASC&DH , IRAS, Software
CMCenter of Mass
CMConfiguration Management
CMCCenter Management Council
CMECoronal Mass Ejection
CMMICapability Maturity Model® Integration
CMND, CMDCommand
CNESFrench Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales
COP-1Command Operations Protocol – 1
COTRContracting Officers Technical Representative
COTSCommercial Off the Shelf
CPCICompact Peripheral Component Interconnect
CPTComprehensive Performance Test
CPUCentral Processing Unit
CQFPCeramic Quad Flatpack
CRAMCache Random Access Memory
CSAComponent SubAssembly
CSCComputer Software Component
CSCIComputer Software Configuration Item
CSOChief Safety and Mission Assurance Officer
CSSCoarse Sun Sensor
CSTOLCustomer System Test and Operations Language
CSUComputer Software Unit
CTECoefficient of Thermal Expansion
CTTCentral TTY Assembly
CUColorado University
CVCMCollected Volatile Condensable Material
CXOCrystal Oscillator
CYCalendar YearTop
DBDigital Board
dBidecibel (isotropic)
dBmdecibel (mW)
DCDirect Current
DCCDirect Current Converter
DCMADefense Contract Management Agency
DCRDesign Conformance Review
DDDDetailed Design Document
DDSDirect Digital Synthesis
DESDual Electron Spectrometer
DFGDigital Fluxgate
DFMRDesign For Minimum Risk
DIBDiode Inhibit Board
DILDeliverable Items List
DISDual Ion Spectrometer
DLRGerman Aerospace Center
DMADirect Memory Access
DODDepth of Discharge
DOFDegree of Freedom
DOORSDynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System
DPADestructive Physical Analysis
DPCDirect Power Contactor
DPM/RPSMDigital Processor Module/Receiver Power Supply Module
DPUDigital Processing Unit
DSData System
DSHK Data Storage
DS-1Deep Space 1
DSCDiode Switch Card
DSNDeep Space Network
DSPDigital Signal Processor
DSSDigital Sun Sensor
E/POEducation and Public Outreach
ECREngineering Change Request
ECSSEuropean Cooperation for Space Standardization
EDACError Detection and Correction
EDDEarly Definition Document
EDIElectron Drift Instrument
EDPEnergetic Particle Detector
EDUEngineering Development Unit
EEElectrical Engineer
EEEElectrical and Electronics Engineering
EELVEvolved Expendable Launch Vehicle
EEPROMElectrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only
EGSEElectrical Ground Support Equipment
EICDElectrical ICD
EIRPEffective Isotropic Radiated Power
EISEnergetic Ion Spectrometer
ELVExpendable launch Vehicle
EMEngineering Model
EMCElectromagnetic Compatibility
EMIElectromagnetic Interference
EOLEnd of Life
EPDEnergetic Particles Detector
EPFExtended Payload Fairing
EPICSEVD, PSE, IRAS, C&DH, Software (previous integrated avionics box)
EPOEducation & Public Outreach
EPSElectrical Power Subsystem
EQMEngineering Qualification Model
ERBEngineering Review Board
ERDEnvironmental Requirements Document
ESElectrical System
ESExecutive Service
ESAEuropean Space Agency
ESCElectrostatic Cleanliness
ESCBElectrical Systems Control Board
ESDElectrostatic Discharge
ESD/ETElectrostatic Discharge/Engineering Test
ESSElectrical Systems Specification
ESTECEuropean Space Research and Technology Centre
ETE, E-t-EEnd to End
ETREVD Test Rack
ETUEngineering Test Unit
EUVExtreme Ultraviolet
EVDEngine Valve Drive
EVMEarned Value Management
EVSEvent ServicesTop
FASTFast Auroral SnapshoT
FCAFunctional Configuration Audit
FDFlight Dynamics
FDAFormation Design Algorithm
FDC, F/DCFailure Detection and Correction
FDFFlight Dynamics Facility
FDGSSFlight Dynamics Ground Support System
FDOAFlight Dynamics Operations Area
FECForward Error Correction
FEDSFront-End Data System
FEEPSFly’s Eye Energetic Particle Sensors
FETField Effect Transformer
FFTBFormation Flying Testbed
FGFlux Gate
FIELDSnot an acronym, name of MMS electric and magnetic field investigation
FIFOFirst-In First-Out
FITFIELDS Interface Timing
FMFlight Model
FMFile Manager
FMEAFailure Modes and Effects Analysis
FOMFigure of Merit
FOPFlight Operations Plan
FOTFlight Operations Team
FOVField of View
FPGAField Programmable Gate Array
FPIFast Plasma Investigation
FRBFailure Review Board
FRRFlight Readiness Review
FSFast Survey
FS I&TFlight System I&T
FSWFlight Software
FTAFault Tree Analysis
FTEFull-Time Equivalent
FWHMFull Width at Half Maximum
FYFiscal YearTop
GaAsGallium Arsenide
GBMGamma-ray Burst Module
GDEGun Detector Electronics
GBK, GeBKGermanium Black Kapton
GDSGoddard Dynamic Simulator
GDUGun Detector Unit
GEMSECGoddard Mission Services Evolution Center
GEONSGPS Enhanced Onboard Navigation System
GEVSGSFC Environmental Verification Specification
GIDEPGovernment Industry Data Exchange Program
GMPSGround Maneuver Planning Software
GNGaseous Nitrogen
GNGround Network
GN&C, GNCGuidance, Navigation and Control
GOLDGoddard Open Learning Design
GOTSGovernment Off The Shelf
GPMCGoverning Program Management Council
GPRGoddard Procedural Requirements
GPRSGoddard Problem Reporting System
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GSGround System
GSCDRGround System Critical Design Review
GSEGeocentric Solar Ecliptic
GSEGround Support Equipment
GSEOSGround Support Equipment Operating System
GSFCGoddard Space Flight Center
GSPDRGround System Preliminary Design ReviewTop
H&SHealth and Safety
HEOHighly Elliptical Orbit
HiFiHigh Fidelity
HPCAHot Plasma Composition Analyzer
HQAHardware Quality Assurance
HSHealth and Safety
HVHigh Voltage
HVCHigh Voltage Converter
HVPSHigh Voltage Power Supply
HW, H/WHardware
I&TIntegration & Test
IBEXInterstellar Boundary Explorer
IBRIntegrated Baseline Review
ICAIndependent Cost Analysis
ICDInterface Control Document
ICEIndependent Cost Estimate
IDPUInstrument Data Processing Unit
IDQInstantaneous Data Quality
IDSInter-Disciplinary Science (Team)
IGSEInstrument Ground Support Equipment
IMInterface Manager
IMAGEImager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration
IMARInstrument Mission Assurance Requirements
IONETIP Operational Network
IPAOIndependent Program Assessment Office
IPEPIV&V Program Execution Plan
IRASIntersatellite Ranging and Alarm System
IRDInterface Requirements Document
IRFUSwedish Institute of Space Physics - Uppsala
ISInstrument Suite
ISASInstitute of Space and Astronautical Science of Japan
ISEInstrument Systems Engineer
ISEInvestigation Systems Engineer
ISEEInternational Sun-Earth Explorer
ISFIsp Scale Factor
ISOInternational Organization of Standardization
IspSpecific Impulse
ISRDInstrument Suite Requirements Document
ISSTInstrument Science Suite Team
ISTIntegrated Systems Test
ISVPInstrument Suite Verification Plan
ITInformation Technology
ITARInternational Traffic in Arms Regulations
ITFsInstrument Team Facilities
ITOIndium Tin Oxide
ITUIntegrated Test Unit
IV&VIndependent Verification & Validation
IVMInterface Verification Model
IWFSpace Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of SciencesTop
JAXAJapanese Aerospace Exploration Agency
JEDIJoint Efficient Dark-energy Investigation
JHU/APLJohns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts GroupTop
Kbps, kbpsKilobits Per Second
KDPKey Decision Point
KNPRKennedy NASA Procedural Requirements
KSCKennedy Space Center
KTHKilo-Symbols Per Second
kspsRoyal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska högskolan) in SwedenTop
L&EOLaunch & Early Orbit
LANLocal Area Network
LAPSSLarge Area Pulsed Solar Simulator
LASPLaboratory for Atmosphere and Space Physics
LRDLaunch Readiness Date
LCLimit Checker
LDPCLow Density Parity Check
LETLinear Energy Transfer
LHCPLeft Hand Circular Polarization
LNALow Noise Amplifier
LO-3Level Zero Three processing
LOCLines of Code
LODLetters of Delegation
LOSLoss of Signal
LPFLarge Payload Fairing
LPPLaboratoire de Physique des Plasmas
LPTLimited Performance Test
LROLunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
LSALightning Suppression Assembly
LSPLaunch Service Provider
LSTOLaunch Services Task Order
LTLocal Time
LV, L/VLaunch Vehicle
LVDSLow-voltage Differential Signaling
LVPCLow Voltage Power Converter
LVPSLow Voltage Power Supply
LZPLevel Zero Processing
LVTTLLow Voltage Transitor-Transitor LogicTop
M&PMolecular & Particulate
MAGMission Assurance Guidelines
MAPMicrowave Anisotropy Probe
MARMission Assurance Requirements
MAWPMaximum Allowable Working Pressure
MBAMagnetic Boom Assemblies
MbpsMegabits Per Second
MCPMicro Channel Plate
MDMemory Dwell
MDQMission Data Quality
MDRMission Definition Review
MEMechanical Engineer
MEBMaterials Engineering Branch
MECOMain Engine Cutoff
MESMain Engine Start
MEKFMultiplicative Extended Kalman Filter
MEOPMaximum Expected Operating Pressure
MGSEMechanical Ground Support Equipment
MHEMaterial Handling Equipment
MICDMechanical Interface Control Document
microASCmicro Advanced Stellar Compass
MIPMandatory Inspection Point
MIPSMillions Instructions Per Second
MISManagement Information System
MIWGMission Integration Working Group
MLDMaster Logic Diagram
MLIMulti-Layer Insulation
MMMemory Manager
MMMMass Memory Module
MMSMagnetospheric Multiscale
MMSManeuver Management System
MOAMemorandum of Agreement
MOCMission Operations Center
MOMSMission Operations and Missions Services
MORMission Operations Readiness
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MPCBMaterials and Processes Control Board
MPCPMishap Preparedness and Contingency Plan
MPEMaterials and Process Engineer
MPSManufacturing Planning Sheets
MPSMission Planning System
MRBMaterial Review Board
MRDMission Requirements Document
MRTMission Readiness Test
MSMemory Scrub
MSEMission System Engineering
MSFCMarshall Space Flight Center
MspsMega-Symbols Per Second
MSPSPMissile System Pre-Launch Safety Package
MUAMaterials Usage AgreementTop
N/ANot Applicable
NARNon-Advocate Review
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
NAV, NavNavigator
NAV-RFNavigator Radio Frequency
NAV-SPNavigator Signal Processor
NCASNASA Contract Assurance Services
NCONumerically Controlled Oscillator
NCR/CASNonconformance Report/Corrective Action System
NDENondestructive Evaluation
NENNear Earth Network
NFPANational Fire Protection Agency
NMINon-Maskable Interrupt
NOANew Obligation Authority
NOSPNetwork Operations Support Plan
NPDNASA Policy Directive
NPGNASA Procedural Guidelines
NPONon-Profit Organization
NPRNASA Procedural Requirements
NPSLNASA Parts Selection List
NRDNetwork Requirements Document
NRENon-Recurring Engineering
NRZ-LNon-Return-to-Zero Level
NRZ-MNon-Return-to-Zero Mark
NSPARPart Approval Requests
NSSDCNational Space Science Data Center
NSTANational Science Teachers Association
NTGSE(Windows NT) Ground Support Equipment
NTIANational Telecommunications and Information AdministrationTop
O&SHAOperating and Support Hazard Analysis
O/SOperating System
OAOrbit Average
OASISOperations And Science Instrument Support
OASIS-CCOperations and Science Instrument Support - Command and Control
OASIS-ISOperations and Science Instrument Support - Interface Software
OASIS-PSOperations and Science Instrument Support - Planning and Scheduling
ODOrbit Determination
ODAOrbital Debris Assessment
ODSOrbital Debris Shield
OHAOperations Hazard Analysis
OITLOrbit in the Life
OMOutput Module
OMSOffice of Mission Success
OSCOrbital Sciences Corporation
OSROptical Solar Reflector
OTSOff the Shelf
OTSOrbital Tracking System
OVPOver Voltage ProtectionTop
P&Slanning & Scheduling
P3ePrimavera Project Planned Enterprise
PAPower Amplifier
PAProduct Assurance
PABPower Analog Board
PAIPProduct Assurance Implementation Plan
PA/PSMPower Amplifier/Power Supply Module
PA/TPSMPower Amplifier/Transmitter Power Supply Module
PCAPhysical Configuration Audit
PCBParts Control Board
PCBPrinted Circuit Board
PCCPower Converter Card
PCPParts Control Program
PDLProduct Design Lead
PDMPre-Development Model
PDMPurge Distribution Module
PDMPProject Data Management Plan
PDRPreliminary Design Review
PEPSSIPluto Energetic Particle Spectrometer Investigation
PERPre-Environmental Review
PERFSPath Emulator for RF Systems
PFDPower flux density
PFMProto-Flight Model
PFNPulse-Forming Network
PFOVPrimary Field of View
PGSEPSE Ground Support Equipment
PHAPreliminary Hazard Analysis
PIPrincipal Investigator
PIMSProject Information Management System
PIPPremium IP
PLAPayload Launch Adapter
PMPhase Modulation
PMProject Manager
PMCProgram Management Council
PMCPSE Monitor Card
PMDPropellant Management Device
PNPseudo-random Noise
PNARPreliminary Non Advocate Review
POCPayload Operations Center
POPProgram Operating Plan
PORPower-on Reset
POSTPower On Self Test
PPEProject Parts Engineer
PPPPrimary Purge Panel
PPSPulse Per Second
PR/PFRProblem Report/Problem Failure Report
PRAProbabilistic Risk Assessment
PREProject Radiation Engineer
PROMProgrammable Read-Only
PRTPlatinum Resistance Thermister
PSProject Scientist
PSDAParts Stress Derating Analysis
PSEPower Supply Electronics
PSEESPower System and Engine Valve Drive Electronic Systems
PSLAProject Service Level Agreement
PSMProject Safety Manager
PSRPre-Ship Review
PSWGPayload Safety Working Group
PTCPositive Temperature coefficient
PWAPrinted Wiring Assembly
PWBPrinted Wiring Board
PWMPulse Width ModulationTop
QAQuality Assurance
QMQualification Model
QPSKQuadrature Phase Shift KeyingTop
RAResource Analyst
RAMRadom Access Memory
RBDReliability Block Diagram
RCSReaction Control System
ReEarth Radius
RFRadio Frequency
RFARequest for Action
RFCRF Compatibility
RFCSRF Communication Subsystem
RFGSERF Ground Support Equipment
RFIRadio Frequency Interference
RFIRequest for Information
RFMRadio Frequency Module
RLATRadiation Lot Acceptance Testing
RLSPRequest for Launch Service Proposal
RMSRisk Management System
ROIRegion of Interest
RPMRevolutions Per Minute
RPPReliability Program Plan
RRDRisk Reduction Deck
RSSRoot Sum Square
RT, R/TReal Time
RTLRegister Transfer Level
RTSRelative Time Sequences
RUIRequirements Unique IdentifierTop
S&MASafety and Mission Assurance
SASolar Array
SACNASSociety for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science
SAFSStandard Autonomous File Server
SAMSolar Array Module
SAMSystems Assurance Manager
SARSafety Assessment Report
SBSoftware Bus
SC, S/CSpacecraft
SCDSource Control Drawing
SCMSearch Coil Magnetometer
SCPStored Command Processor
SCTSpacecraft Time
SDCScience Data Center
SDCStudent Dust Counter
SDFStandard Delay Format
SDOSolar Dynamics Observatory
SDPSoftware Development Plan
SDPSpin-Plane Double Probe
SDRSystem Definition Review
SDRAMSynchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SEShielding Effectiveness
SESystem Engineer
SECEFSun-Earth Connection Education Forum
SEESingle Event Effects
SELSingle Event Latch-ups
SETSingle Event Transient
SETSystems Engineering Team
SEUSingle Event Upset
SFCGSpace Frequency Coordination Group
SFOTSpace Flight Operations Team
SFPSingle Failure Point
SHCSSocket Head Cap Screw
SIPSubsystem Implementation Plan
SITLScientist in the Loop
SLOCSource Lines of Code
SMASafety & Mission Assurance
SMAS-band Multiple Access
SMASemi-Major Axis
SMDScience Mission Directorate
SMPSoftware Management Plan
SNSpace Network
SNSBSwedish National Space Board
SN-SMASpace Network-S-band Multiple Access
SNUGSpace Network Users Guide
SOCScience Operations Center
SOWStatement of Work
SPSignal Processor
SPEISpace Power Electronics, Inc.
SPFSingle Point Failures
SPGSingle Point Ground
SQASoftware Quality Assurance
SQESoftware Quality Engineer
SQPSKStaggered Quadrature Phase-shift Keying
SRAMStatic Random Access Memory
SRBSolid Rocket Booster
SRBStanding Review Board
SROSystem Review Office
SRRSystem Requirements Review
SSSpread Spectrum
SSAS-band Single Access
SSDSolid State Detector
SSISynchronous Serial Interface
SSPASolid State Power Amplifier
ST-5Space Technology 5
STDTScience and Technology Definition Team
STEREOSolar TErrestrial RElations Observatory
STPSolar Terrestrial Probes
STKSatellite Tool Kit
STPSolar Terrestrial Probe
SUROMStart-Up Read Only Memory
SVSpace Vehicle
SW, S/WSoftware
SWCDRSoftware Critical Design Review
SWPDRSoftware Preliminary Design Review
SwRISouthwest Research Institute
SWRRSoftware Requirements ReviewTop
T&MTheory & Modeling
T&TCTelemetry, Tracking & Command
TAATechnical Assistance Agreement
TAIInternational Atomic Time
TAMUTexas A&M University
TAYFTest As You Fly
TBThermal Balance
TBCTo Be Confirmed
TBDTo Be Determined
TBLTwo-Burn Lambert
TBRTo Be Resolved
TCTest Conductor
TCADTelemetry Checking and Display
TCSThermal Control Subsystem
TDTrigger Data
TDCTime Digital Converter
TDMATime Division Multiple Access
TDNTrigger Data Numbers
TDPTelemetry Data Processing
TDRSTracking and Data Relay Satellite
TDRSSTracking and Data Relay Satellite System
TEDTriple Error Detect
THEMISTime History of Events and Macroscale Interactions During Substorms
TIDTotal Ionizing Dose
TIMEDThermosphere Ionosphere Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics
TMLTotal Mass Loss
TMMThermal Mass Models
TOTelemetry Output
TOFTime of Flight
TOMSTask Order Management System
ToRTerms of Reference
TP/HPDBTest Panel Heater Power Distribution Box
TQSMTelemetry Quality and Status Monitoring
TRADTechnical Resource Allocation Document
TRLTechnology Readiness Level
TRRTest Readiness Review
TSTable Services
TSFThrust Scale Factor
TSIMTDRS Simulator
TTLTransistor-Transistor Logic
TUBSTechnical University of Braunschweig
TV, TVACThermal Vacuum
TVSTotal Verification System
TWTATraveling Wave Tube AmplifierTop
UARTUniversal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
UCUniversity Colorado
UCBUniversity of California, Berkeley
UCLAUniversity of California, Los Angeles
UIUniversity of Iowa
ULAUnited Launch Alliance
UNHUniversity of New Hampshire
ULAUnited Launch Alliance
UPSUninterruptable Power Source
USNUniversal Space Network
USOUltra-Stable Oscillator
UTCCoordinated Universal Time
UVISUltraviolet Imaging SpectrographTop
V&VVerification and Validation
VCDUVirtual Channel Data Unit
VHDLVery-High-Speed Integrated Circuit (VHSIC) Hardware Description Language)
VIFVehicle Integration Facility
VMOVirtual Magnetospheric Observatory
VTLVerification Tracking LogTop
WBSWork Breakdown Structure
WCAWorst Case Analysis
WOAWork Order AuthorizationTop
XEPFExtended EPF
XTCEExtensible Markup Language (XML) Telemetric & CommandTop