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MMS Education Resources

This collection of lesson plans, activities and videos are designed to bring the science, technology, engineering and mathematics of the MMS mission to any educational setting.

Lesson Plans

Bring the wonder of the MMS mission to your classroom with our growing list of lesson plans, activities and ‘How To’ guides. You will be well prepared to explore the worlds of magnetism, spacecraft design and 3D printing!

Featured Resources

iMAGINETICspace Book iMAGiNETICspace
These digital age NASA products provide direct access to rich, on-line, multi-media content. The educators' guide, or iBook, is a mobile resource, available for download that is embedded with text, audio, and how-to videos well suited for complex concepts and demonstrations. The student guide uses storytelling and hands-on activities to take students on a journey of exploration related to magnetism and NASA's MMS mission.
>> iMAGiNETICspace
Enjoy this growing list of NASA EDGE vodcasts on the MMS mission. Each vodcast provides an unscripted and unpredictable look into some of the latest information about this mission, including a close-up look at the propulsion systems, hardware, clean room facilities and more.
>> NASA EDGE Vodcasts

The Faces of MMS – Career Interviews

Faces of MMS - Career Interviews Take a quick peek into the lives and careers of the extraordinary people who are involved in the MMS mission.
>> The Faces of MMS - Career Interviews

MMS Models

MMS Lego Model MMS Model Made from Lego© Bricks
Learn how to build your own MMS model from Legos© or how to view a free 3-dimensional version.
>> Lego© Model
MMS Bookmark Front Side MMS Paper Models
This printable document combines an MMS bookmark with a spacecraft model.
>> Paper Model

MMS Launch Party Kit Link Page

Sun-Earth Media Viewer

Sun-Earth Media Viewer

Concentration Game

Concentration Game

MMS YouTube Channel

MMS YouTube Channel

Stay connected to our growing list of exciting videos and animations!
>> MMS YouTube

Meet the MMS EPO Team