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All four MMS spacecraft at Astrotech

All four MMS spacecraft at Astrotech
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The Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission is a Solar Terrestrial Probes mission comprising four identically instrumented spacecraft that will use Earth’s magnetosphere as a laboratory to study the microphysics of three fundamental plasma processes: magnetic reconnection, energetic particle acceleration, and turbulence. These processes occur in all astrophysical plasma systems but can be studied in situ only in our solar system and most efficiently only in Earth’s magnetosphere, where they control the dynamics of the geospace environment and play an important role in the processes known as “space weather.”


02.19.15New NASA Movie on the MMS Mission
12.10.14The Science of Magnetic Reconnection
11.21.14NASA Releases Narrated Animation of MMS Launch and Deploy
11.18.14NASA's MMS Spacecraft Begin Pre-Launch Activities in Florida
11.04.14First Two MMS Observatories Shipped to Florida
09.22.14Preview MMS Spacecraft Before They Ship for Launch
05.15.14MMS Movie Trailer: Four Spacecraft, One Mission - Magnetic Reconnection
05.14.14MMS Narrated Orbit Viz: Unlocking The Secrets of Magnetic Reconnection
05.12.14NASA Administrator Visits Goddard, Discusses MMS
04.18.14NASA's MMS Observatories Stacked For Testing

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All 4 Spacecraft

All 4 MMS spacecraft  disassembled.Look at some photos of the MMS spacecraft getting stacked and ready for environmental tests. Although they will be disassembled again later, these images are a preview of what will be the final flight configuration of the MMS fleet.
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Observatory Integration

OBS3 image 2

MMS Spacecraft in formation

Earth’s magnetosphere
as a laboratory to study
the microphysics of
magnetic reconnection

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MMS Briefings and Events: Prelaunch News Conference, MMS Science Briefing, Atlas V Launch Vehicle Rollout, and NASA Television Coverage
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Mission Status

Agency Baseline Commitment: March 2015
Launch Readiness Date (LRD): March 12, 2015
Phase C/D: Design & Development
Mission Highlights – As of February 19, 2015:

  • MMS Observatories #1 and #2 were mated to the Atlas Payload Adapter (PLA), and Observatories #3 and #4 were stacked on top for the final time prior to launch.
  • Final separation system and pyro installation was completed.
  • Final closeouts, cleaning and red tag/green tag activities are underway, with all cover removal planned to be completed by Sunday.

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MMS Orbit Animation

This animation shows the orbits of Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission, a Solar Terrestrial Probes mission comprising of four identically instrumented spacecraft that will study the Earth’s magnetosphere.

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