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Online Resources (Rice University)
Online Resources (Rice University)
This list provides a comprehensive list of links to information about space weather and associated fields of scientific research.
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Space Weather Monitors
Space Weather Monitors
The Stanford Solar Center has created simple space weather monitors you can build! Every country in the United Nations will get at least one “AWESOME” or “SID” monitor to let students see the ionospheric disturbances associated with space weather! Check out their web site for an instruction manual to make your own!
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"The Great Magnet, the Earth"
“The Great Magnet, the Earth”
This site provides a non-mathematical introduction to the magnetism of the Earth, the Sun, the planets and their environments, following a historical thread.
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"The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere"
“The Exploration of the Earth’s Magnetosphere”
This is a non-mathematical, self contained exposition of studies of the Earth’s magnetic environment in space
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"All Things Electric and Magnetic"
“All Things Electric and Magnetic”
A first introduction, for students and interested web users, to the development and history of “classical” electricity and magnetism, covering key concepts and applications. Mathematics is limited to simple algebra and use of sine and cosine, and history serves as guiding thread.
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"Cindi in the Electric Atmosphere" Comic Book
“Cindi in the Electric Atmosphere” Comic Book
In this comic Cindi takes the reader through the ionosphere, explaining the electromagnetic spectrum, the light from the Sun, and how the Sun’s radiation interacts with the Earth’s atmosphere to create the ionosphere. This is all done in the context of the CINDI instruments on the C/NOFS spacecraft. This comic book is aimed specifically at high school students in general physical science and physics courses, but we hope that readers of all ages will find it fun and informative. It is a 24-page booklet that can be downloaded as a pdf file in color and printed out on your own computer.
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