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MMS Models

What better way to learn about the MMS mission and the instruments aboard all four spacecraft than by building a model! Use these models to make and even stronger connection between engineering and mathematics while highlighting the importance of the MMS mission. Additional models including a large array of related activities are coming soon!

MMS Model Made from Lego© Bricks

MMS Model Made from Lego Bricks Enjoy this model of the MMS spacecraft built entirely out of LEGO© bricks! Learn how to build your own MMS model or how to view a free ‘3-D’ version.
>> Lego© Model

MMS Paper Models

MMS Paper Model Enjoy this creative ‘Bookmark/Activity’ that combines an MMS bookmark with a scale model. It makes the perfect visual aid when exploring giving talks about of the MMS mission while highlighting important connections to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
>> Paper Model

MMS Card Models

MMS Card Model Card modeling is a creative and very inexpensive form of scale modeling that makes use of paper or card stock rather than plastic or metal. It is often referred to as paper modeling although in practice card is generally used. Here you will find all of the files needed to successfully construct a 1:16 scale card models of the 4 Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Spacecraft and a 1:96 scale model of the ATLAS V 421 launch vehicle. We have also included an optional 1:96 scale model of the payload fairing that reveals the 4 MMS spacecraft safely stacked inside.
>> Card Models