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9-12 Lesson Plans

iMAGINETICspace - MMS Transmedia Book
iMAGINETICspace – MMS Transmedia Book
Enjoy the MMS Transmedia book (Tbook) designed to help students learn about the NASA MMS mission through a variety of inquiry and engineering design methods including the use of digital fabrication.
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How are Magnetic Fields Related to Sunspots?
How Are Magnetic Fields Related To Sunspots?
Students discover that sunspots are the result of intense magnetic forces on the photosphere of the Sun using images from the SOHO spacecraft.
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Magnetic Math (2009)
Magnetic Math (2009)
This 188-page book, produced by Dr. Sten Odenwald (Space Math @ NASA), contains six hands-on exercises, plus 37 math problems, which allow students to explore magnetism and magnetic fields. The activities include drawing and geometric construction, and introduce students in the use of simple algebra to quantitatively examine magnetic forces, energy, and magnetic field lines and their mathematical structure.
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Magnetism and Electromagnetism
Magnetism and Electromagnetism
These seven NASA-funded magnetism guides contain activity- or math-based lessons on magnetic fields. The science and mathematics education standards these activities cover are in the beginning of the guides. Once on the site, hover over each guide for more information.
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Magnetic Sensor Measurements with a Graphing Calculator
Magnetic Sensor Measurements with a Graphing Calculator (Activity 5)
This activity was developed at Rice University in Houston, TX. It uses magnetic field sensors with the “Texas Instrument” Graphing Calculator and CBL to measure and plot magnetic fields. This allows the student to prove that magnetic fields decrease as the negative cube of the distance. This was initally developed for IPC (Integrated Physics and Chemistry) classes, but some advanced middle school earth science classes can use it.
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Exploring Magnetic Field Lines
Exploring Magnetic Field Lines
When discussing space weather or how Earth’s magnetosphere protects us, we often see diagrams with lines wrapping around the globe. What are these lines? Can we see these lines if we were in space looking back at Earth? This activity lets us explore the magnetic field of a bar magnet and serves as a good introduction to understanding Earth’s magnetic field. It is also a good way to demonstrate why prominences are always “loops”.
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