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A Podcast is a collection of audio or video content that's powered by subscription software called RSS. Just like a magazine automatically gets delivered to your home when you subscribe, a podcast delivers new content directly to you — without you having to check on the Web site for updates. The MMS mission partners with NASA's Sun-Earth Day program to create audio podcasts about the mission as part of the Sun-Earth Day podcast series. Subscribe to the podcasts at or simply click on the links below.

MMS Podcasts
Interview with David Young
David Young is a physicist at Southwest Research Institute who has spent his whole career working on missions like the upcoming Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission, or MMS, to study what scientists call plasma.
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MMS Podcasts
Sun-Earth Day 2011 Interview with Roy Torbert of the MMS Mission
Join us for today’s podcast as we interview Roy Torbert, and learn about the instruments aboard the MMS spacecraft.
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MMS Podcasts
Sun-Earth Day 2011 Interview with Tom Moore of the MMS Mission
In today’s podcast we will hear from Tom Moore, the Project Scientist for the MMS Mission
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Sun-Earth Day Magnetic Stormes
Podcast: Sun-Earth Day ‘Magnetic Storms’
Enjoy this series of audio podcasts related to Sun-Earth Days 2010 theme, Magnetic Storms!
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